Why uPVC

uPVC, the ultimate material for your window and door needs, for both residential and commercial applications.

uPVC is not PVC.  Understand the differences.  uPVC offers the longevity of fibreglass, the beauty of wood, and at only a fraction of the cost.  uPVC is the global leader in industry material.

  • Doesn't rot, fade and can withstand extreme climates (temperature, uv exposure, humidity)
  • Doesn't contain BPA or Phthalates
  • Safe enough to make dental retainers and mouthguards
  • Highly fire resistant and non-corrosive
  • Rigid, strong, low flex (similar to fibreglass)
  • Paintable, sandable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Low cost
  • Environmentally friendly, unplasticized vinyl chloride, made from recycled materials
  • LEED
  • Extremely energy efficient: unparalleled R-Values and U-ratings
  • Excellent sound barrier
Window Unit U-value
A typical single glaze aluminium window generally 7.0
A typical double glazed aluminium window 4.5
A typical uPVC double glazed window 1.8
A typical uPVC triple glazed window 0.7